Welcome to the RBL

The RBL is a baseball simulation draft league using the Replay Baseball game from Replay Games. The RBL was founded in 2001 and started as a cards-and-dice league. After the introduction and maturation of the Replay Baseball PC game, the league has adopted that application as its platform. The RBL is a keeper league as a limited number of players and minor leaguers may be protected from year to year.

The RBL is currently in its 19th season. Keeping a league this long is a testament to the commitment of our members. Perennially an 8 team league, 2019 is the first year we've tried expansion by adding two teams. We've also stretched out to a 156 game schedule.

Feel free to browse the site and check out our history. The website is still a work in progress as we are trying to meld together two different styles. We've restored the old files from the early seasons as well as taken advantage of the web pages the PC game can generate. Once everything is set up we can concentrate on historical information and career stats.

The RBL has a sister league, the Replay Retro Winter League (RRWL). Every year we pick a past season and draft from scratch. Since there are no keepers, there is only a minimal risk of accepting new members. If interested, drop a note on our forum. The two new teams in our RBL expansion started in the RRWL. A link to our forum is provided below.

For questions about the league, contact Reg Awalt

For questions about the web site, contact Dave Vancura

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