Issue #5

Covering this Week in Replay Baseball

May 5, 2019


Alex Bregman delivers walk-off grand slam

Alex Bregman blasted a game winning Grand Slam in the bottom of the 9th on Sunday, lifting Naperville Lost Soles to the 7-4 victory over Roslyn Fish.

Player of the Week

Daniel Murphy


Game of the Week

Fan Rating 456

The game of the week as voted by the fans was played at Target Field on May 5th. In an exciting L 1 Brodak game Naperville Lost Soles overcame Roslyn Fish 7-4.

Team of the Week

Roslyn Fish

Roslyn Fish has been awarded the team of the week award. Their record this week was 4-1, outscoring their opponents 44-28.

Key Play of the Week

The key play of the week took place in the game between Roslyn Fish and Naperville Lost Soles at Target Field on Sunday. Bottom of the 9th, Naperville Lost Soles batting, Bases Loaded, 2 outs trailing 4-3. Alex Bregman hits a game winning GRAND SLAM home run.