Welcome to the RRWL

The RRWL is a baseball simulation draft league using the Replay Baseball game from Replay Games. The RRWL was founded in 2015 by members of the Replay Baseball League (RBL) to help get their fix of simualtion baseball during the offseason. The RRWL is played exclusively using the Replay Baseball PC game. Every year we select a past season and draft fresh teams from a pool of limited players.

Since the league starts with a fresh draft every year, the number of members of the RRWL and the number of games is flexible. Traditionally we used an 80 game schedule, but last year we experimented with a separate AL and NL league where most members ran 2 teams and the AL ran 96 games. Anyone interested should drop a note on our forum.

For questions about the league, contact Reg Awalt

For questions about the web site, contact Dave Vancura

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