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What are Do Files?

Do files are program guides which help you, our client, to start or complete your side of the design process. The results and the timeline of a successful design is directly related to the amount of effort that is put into the initial design specifications. This is what you need to DO, so that we can DO, what we DO!

As our client, you need to be very skillful in setting the specification, so the final product accurately reflects what will sell in your market place. This is why we spend so much time on this site explaining how to write a specification. And, when your are doing  this planning and begin to think about investing your time and monies you will  inevitability ask yourself questions about how this relationship between us will work. Many of these questions are included here.

Help In Writing Specifications

A great starting point for writing specifications. Step-by-step approach and common sense methodology to defining the product. Print this out and get started.

Confidentiality Agreement

This form provides a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect both parties from the transfer of confidential information.

Contract for Product Development

This form provides a complete agreement between the Client and Vancura Innovations including a "Non Disclosure Agreement" and "Warranty".

Acronyms and Term Abbreviations

This list helps identify the acronyms used in the fields of science and engineering and it also includes term abbreviations to make for better understanding.

Industry Standards

This file gives many references to industry standard across a wide variety of disciplines.  If you don't know where to look then this is a place to start. And if that's not enough - then there are links to popular search engines.

Industry Standard Cross References

This file list industry standard organizations, those responsible for keeping all marching in step to the same tune.

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