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Channel Listener CL-1

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-Pocket Portable AES/EBU Digital Audio tester-

This 'Pocket Pal' is available for 48KHz and 44.1KHz

The model CL-1 is the latest AES/EBU monitor developed by Vancura Innovations to aid in remote monitoring of digital audio streams. A lightweight, battery operated, hand-held unit designed to provide engineers with lab-quality quantitative data anywhere at anytime. The CL-1 is designed to display the following characteristics…

·         Relative RF signal strength

·         Audio Level with precision VU meters

·         Signal at exactly –20dBFS

·         Signal polarity

·         AES or Audio Indicator.

·         Audio output stereo jack.

The CL-1 analyzes the incoming digital data and displays precision information without ever requiring calibration. The unit operates from 2-AAA batteries. Long battery life is assured by the CL-1's low power design and it's ability to squeeze every ounce of energy from the batteries. The 4.3"x2.2"x1" package fits comfortably in your hand or pocket, and only weighs 4 oz – with batteries installed. 

 Shown about 50% larger than Actual size


Channel Listener Specifications:

Input: Digital signal input terminated into 75 Ohms. Accepts signals from 0 to 6V Peak-to-Peak. 

Signal Strength: Simple 0 to 9 signal strength indication. Ten 3 dB steps (total 30 dB range) . Level 5 = 1 Volt P-P nominal.

VU meters: Direct-from-digital stream, no calibration ever required, Peak reading. 16 LEDS: Each representing 3dB. Top led = 0 to -1.5 dBFS, second LED= -1.5 to -4.5 dBFS (-3dB nominal), last LED = -43.5 to -46.5 (-45dB nominal). 

Headphone output: Mini stereo output jack for headphone 0.5volt P-P nominal output at -20dBFS input. Output is intended for audio stream verification use. Pulse Width Modulation output has 9 bit accuracy.

Battery Operation: Two AAA cells: Uses either alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Operates down to 1.0 Volt.

Power Consumption: 85mw (35ma @ 3.0 volts). Battery life ~10 Hours.

Temperature: 0 C to 50 C (32 F to 125 F) non-condensing.  

Warranty: 90 days to cover normal operation, defects in materials, and workmanship.  

Models: CL1-48K: 48KHz digital audio for SDI/HDI Television.  CL1-44K: 44.1KHz Digital audio for commercial broadcast radio.   


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Pricing:    Was $395 now $296 CL-1 Pocket Portable Digital Audio Tester.  (Batteries not included)

Contact: Vancura Innovations

Phone: +1.309.948.6120


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Channel Listener 48KHz CL-1.48K $199
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Download User Guide: CL-1_User_Guide. (PDF 23KB) 

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The information in this document is believed to be accurate. Vancura Innovations assumes no responsibility for possible printing errors and omissions.

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