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CNC Edge & Corner Finder

Compatible with Mach3 CNC software

-Aluminum Construction -

Perfect for finding the edge and top of all work materials, including nonconductive materials like plastic and wood.

3" x 2" Triangle

The model CNC-EF3x2 developed by Vancura Innovations to aid in the finding of the edge of non-conducting materials like plastics and wood. Rugged all aluminum construction with convenient screw for attaching a ground wire. Strain relief hole offers protection for wire.

 Shown with alligator clip & cord.


The hole over the corner greatly simplifies finding the actual corner of the stock material. A center-of-hole finding routine is simpler and more repeatable than any other method, and having it directly over the material corner is very convenient. This tool is particularly useful for creating a repeatable reference point for your workpiece, especially if the tool breaks or needs changing.  

The edge finder's open corner design accepts small deformities in the work stock and minimizes buildup of dirt and chips that limit accuracy and repeatable measurements.     

The smaller hole (9.52mm) over the corner is suitable for use with 1/4" (6.35mm) and 1/8" (3.175mm) probes, and is centered directly over the corner. The larger hole is 0.75" (19mm) diameter and is suitable for larger probes or tools, and is 0.5" x 0.5" (12.7mm x 12.7mm) from the material corner. The large hole also makes handling the edge finder easier. This edge finder is large enough to easily handle and place for measurement, yet small enough to avoid most work holding clamp arrangements.  It is 1/4" thin to allow use in limited space and offers a 0.10" deep pocket for a reliable alignment with your material. The top surface makes a great way to find the top of the material without risking damage to the work surface.

To use the edge finder, connect a ground wire to the edge finder and clip the sense wire to your probe (or router bit) and implement a center finding routine. The routine should: first: find x-, then x+, calculate center of x as zero, go to x=0; second: find y-, then y+, calculate center of y as zero, go to y=0; third: repeat find center of x- & x+; optional: repeat find center of y- & y+. Always seek either x- or y- first, because if you forget to connect the sense wire (or the wire breaks), it will only push the edge finder off the material instead of breaking something before you can stop the process. Note: if the tool happens to be  grounded through the spindle, connect the sense wire to the edge finder.

Three way sensing of the edge or corner:

1) Center finding using the smaller hole. Center is directly over the corner.

2) Center finding of the larger hole. Center of 0.75" hole is 0.5" x 0.5" from material corner

3) Edge finding using outside surface edge is 0.30 from outside surface.

The top surface can also be used to find the top of the material. The Aluminum is machined to 0.150" (0.381mm).

Note: User is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the edges and hole centers. The machining will vary slightly from unit to unit.

Installation information and software:

For Mach3 users: Below is a Sample file (HiddenScript.m1s). This is a text script file that is to be loaded into the Mach3 "Auto Tool Zero" button. This file should be automatically compatible for both mm and inch modes. If desired, there is a script file (HiddenScriptMetric.m1s) specifically for the mm mode. These files can be used, as is, or to create your own routines that fit your special needs.
EdgeFinder_setup.pdf shows a convenient way to show that the Digitizing probe is working properly, visible on the main screen.
The 1024A.set screen is identical to the 1024.set screen except for a convenient visual indicator for touch.

HiddenScript_M3_190905.m1s (25KB). (Faster find center for Mach3, Cleaner code)
Customizing_HiddenScript_M3.pdf (417KB).
EdgeFinder_setup.pdf (1.2MB)
MACH3 Main screen file 1024A.set (108KB).
MACH3 Main screen file 1024B.set (108KB). (Newer Build 2019/9/1 - use save link as)
Center find-INCH_GRBL-3.NC(7KB)
Center find-METRIC_GRBL-3.NC(7KB)
Center find-INCH_GCODE.NC(7KB)
Center find-METRIC_GCODE.NC(7KB)
mcTouchOff-180820.lua (MACH4 EdgeFindier Fixup - replaces mcTouchOff.lua) (292KB)
CNC_Video_1.mp4 (6.1MB).
CNC_Video_2.mp4 (5.9MB).
GettingTheMostOutOfTheEdgeFinder.pdf (603KB).
Please note: The Mach3 script file will probably need some adjusting of some constants in order to meet your EdgeFinder dimensions.

=== To change the subject a little. The following concerns Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Setup ===
The following two files may help someone to set up their Variable frequency drive for their 400Hz spindle motor.
These files show both the default settings (220V 50Hz) and a sample set of settings for a 110V 400Hz 1.5KW spindle motor. They should allow one to extrapolate the settings needed for any spindle motor On these VFDs.
The Chinese-to-English translation has been slightly Americanized to help add clarity.

Huanyang_3KW_VFD_190526.pdf (2.4MB).
YL620-A Setup table 190707.pdf (277KB). (Better English)
YL620-A Setup table.pdf (277KB).
Startup procedure for a spindle motor 190805.pdf (576KB). Odds are we are all running our spindles wrong.

I have seen some complain about their spindle motor taking a long time to get up to speed. The motor is unloaded and has a fairly small mass. It should be safe to set the Accleration and Deceleration time to about 2 seconds. For the Huanyang, the variables are PD014 through PD021 with a Default of 20 seconds. I use 1.5 seconds.
Anyone see any errors in these documents? Please Let me know and I'll try to fix them.

Edge Finder Specifications:

    Size:   2.7" x 1.95" x 1/4" thick.

    Small hole: 0.375" (9.5mm) dia. Offset from corner 0.00" x 0.00". Depth of hole for probe 0.15" (3.5mm).

    Large hole 0.75" (19.0mm) dia. Offset from corner 0.50" x 0.50". Depth of hole for probe 0.15" (3.5mm).

    Pocket is 0.10" deep.

Material: 6061 Aluminum. Screw 6/32x1/4 " steel. 

1) Model EF103: Comes with Alligator clip, 6ft. (1.8M) zip cord style wire,terminasted with a 5.5x2.1mm barrel male plug. Includes a female 5.5x2.1mm chassis connector with a 12 in. (300mm) cord and a JST 2.5mm plug and header.
2) Model EF104: Comes with Alligator clip, 6ft. (1.8M) zip cord style wire, terminated with a GX12-2 male plug. Includes a female GX12-2 chassis connector with a 12 in. (300mm) cord and a JST 2.5mm plug and header.
3) Alligator clip and 6ft (1.8M) wire cord (unterminated) sold separately. (Cannot be purchased without an Edge Finder)

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     Edge Finder: $20.50 post paid  (USA only) ; $25.50 USD Canada; $29.50 USD all other foreign locations

     Alligator clip and 6ft. (1.8M) zip-cord wire: $3.50 USD.

Contact: Vancura Innovations

Phone: +1.309.948.6120


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Item Name:

Item No.


One CNC Edge Finder 3x2 (USA) CNC-EF101U $20.99

CNC Edge Finder 3x2 (CANADA) CNC-EF101C $25.99
CNC Edge Finder 3x2 (Interntional) CNC-EF101I $30.75
CNC Edge Finder EF103 upgrade kit with 6ft cord & 5.5x2.1mm M&F connectors. (USA) CNC-EF103 $33.99

CNC Edge Finder EF104 upgrade kit with 6ft cord & GX12-2 M&F connectors. (USA) CNC-EF104 $33.99

Alligator clip & 6ft (1.8M) wire (Option) CNC-EF-CLIP_N_WIRE $3.50
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice. The information in this document is believed to be accurate. Vancura Innovations assumes no responsibility for possible printing errors and omissions.

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